My name is Ian. Some 21 year old male that lives in the Seattle area

Musician, nerd, and science loving person. Respecting others and Robots are my thing. I also have a problem about saying everything at once about my interests sometimes.

On hiatus currently

SDF-01 Macross vs. Capitol Reaper ship or two

Gunbuster vs. Entire Invasion Reaper force

NZ-999 Neo Zeong vs. Reaper Destroyer 

Entire Zentradi Armada from the Macross series vs. Entire Reaper Invasion force

Entire Borg Armada vs. Reaper Invasion force

A sci-fi battle I would love to be seen done or just to talk to with somebody

Marida Cruz | Puru 12 image appreciation set from SRW Z3

just a few Banagher Links portrait icons I thought were cute from srw z3 and wanted to share 


Greetings people of earth, of space, and everyone living in this world. I am Mineva Lao Zabi. Please forgive me in addressing you in this manner. I am the heir to the Zabi family that once led the principality of Zeon. However, the matter I am about to discuss has nothing to do with my lineage. Today I learned a secret that affects the very foundation of the federation government. I would like to inform you all about this secret simply as one human that lives in this world

The Charter of the Universal Century was proclaimed at the dawn of the Universal Century. As I am sure you all know this monument is the foundation of the Federation government and keystone of its policy making. It was always believed that the monument, which was erected 96 years ago within Laplace and in the prime minister’s residence, was lost in a terrorist bombing immediately afterwards. However it was not lost. While a replica monument was displayed at the Federation assembly building in Dakar, the original was kept hidden all these years. Please look.

"In the future, should the emergence of a new space-adapted human race be confirmed, the Earth Federation shall give priority to involving them in the administration of the government."

What you see behind me now is the real charter of the Universal Century that was erected in Laplace. I believe you have noticed it. The genuine charter of the Universal Century has an article that we have never seen.

Zeon Deikun proposed his Newtype theory more than 40 years after the real charter was made. I believe that this one article was nothing more than a prayer offered up to the distant future. But that coincidence has transformed this charter into a curse. what would happen if this passage was linked to Zeon’s Newtype theory and spurred a space independence movement? This monument has become an object of fear that could topple the federation government. Fearing its very existence, the federation conspired with the Vist Foundation, who possessed this monument, to keep it sealed away. This may have been a misdeed, but it was also a decision to maintain the peace. However, as a result of this decision, the original meaning of this monument was lost and a new mindset that shunned anything resembling Newtypes began. After the Nightmare of the One Year War, that mindset was the very core Federation’s inflexibility.

Everybody who is listening to this broadcast, please discern the truth with your eyes. And then, like the people a century ago, I’d like you to usher in a new world with goodwill while believing in the god of possibility that lies with us all.

— Mineva Lao Zabi’s final speech from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode 7


"Mobile Suit"

From Gundam Perfect File

(Official Art)

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Mobile Suit Gundam 35th Anniversary

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アニメ版のUCです | 刹火 [pixiv]


アニメ版のUCです | 刹火 [pixiv]


It’s been an awesome 4 years.


少女とユニコーン | 灰泽 [pixiv]


少女とユニコーン | 灰泽 [pixiv]

"Humanity is at a threshhold now, Banager Links!"

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Over the Rainbow


Over the Rainbow


Beautiful and excelent song <3 I love Hiroyuki Sawano & Aimer *-*